September 22, 2022 AM

3 Most common mistakes Digital Marketers do.

1. Over promising

We all know the fact that you need to be competitive when you are offering any digital marketing service to your client.

As an opposing reality, Digital Marketers often promise their clients with what they call “Instant Results”. Internet is huge and dynamic, so assuring your clients with guaranteed results is something that might land you into trouble.

2. Under promising

If you have the fear that you are not that efficient in driving the results to the client, it is always a good practice test-run the services you are offering for your own website/brand. In this way, you will get confidence (if you are great at it, then sales too).

Under promising might distract the client’s trust and what you are offering may even be totally off the list for them.

3. Unaccounted Results.

If you have clients often bugging you with the same canned statements like “where are the results?” & you have nothing to show to them, this will eventually lead to customer dissatisfaction.

A highly recommended practice is to have a RSD i.e. Requirement Specification Document, duly signed by the client, which has an in-depth detail of what a customer needs. Even better if you can also get a priority list of the tasks to be done, that’s cherry over the cake.