Crawlies is a brand dedicated to the well-being of reptiles, understanding the importance of providing them with nutritionally balanced and species-specific diets. With Crawlies, reptile owners can trust that they are offering their scaly companions the finest quality food they need to thrive.

Service Requested: Logo Design

Logo Type: Badge/mascot

 Tools used: Illustrator, Figma

Industry: Branding / Photography

Location: Queensland, Australia

Client brief:

Passionate about reptiles and their unique dietary requirements, Crawlies meticulously sources a wide variety of high-quality insects, worms, and other essential food items to cater to the diverse needs of reptiles. Whether customers have a bearded dragon, gecko, snake, or turtle, Crawlies offers carefully curated food options that mimic their natural diets.

Committed to quality, Crawlies ensures that every batch of reptile food is carefully inspected, guaranteeing freshness, nutritional content, and hygiene. The brand believes in providing reptiles with the same level of care and attention as any other beloved pet.