Minuscule is a cup cake manufacturing enterprise, which makes gigantic “cupcakes” that can satisfy the sweet tooth. They can be decorated thematically, which impresses both children and adults. Thematic table decoration boxes also with a capital letter under the theme of your choice as well as decoration activity boxes because your child’s party can be created in one stop. Why bother? Everything can be so simple!!!

Service Requested: Branding / Logo Design/ Web Design

 Logo Type: Combination Mark

Website Type: Ecommerce

Tools used: Photoshop, Illustrator

Industry: Food & Beverage / Bakery

Location: Quebec, Canada

Client brief:

Starting up with this idea just to offer cupcakes was intriguing. The client told us she has 15 years of immersive experience baking cupcakes. I created a brand identity for her company which she used on her cupcake menus and loved it so much , that she even got the same painted on the walls of the business establishment.