Sheer Hitch is a Chandigarh-based wedding photography business led by the fervent Hitesh Shivnani, which specializes in candid photography but you can hire them for all kinds of shoots. Pre-wedding shoot, wedding photography, wedding video, or engagement shoot, they’ve got it all covered. Sheer Hitch understands the hard work that goes behind planning a wedding and blends seamlessly into the day-to-day ceremonies to capture what many others are never able to. They’ve been part of the business for years now. They use a great set of tools and the latest technology to capture important moments, never missing a beat, covering every ritual, every giggle, and every glance exchanged. With their reasonable prices and fantastic service, Sheerhitch is a great choice for any wedding.

Service Requested: Logo Design, Website, Service Brochure

 Logo Type: Combination Mark

 Website Type: Showcase website

Tools used: Photoshop, Illustrator

Industry: Media / Photography

Location: Chandigarh, India

Client brief:

SheerHitch provides a plethora of services from fashion shoots to your wedding shoots. They are a team of passionate and enthusiastic photographers who ensures that their customers get the best of what their brand can offer every time. They believe in capturing the moment rather than just a pose or a person.