March 8, 2020 AM

Web Research #15-

As humans we speak, a lot in fact in a day. Have you ever wondered how cool it would be if everything you speak over a call or in a meeting could be automatically converted to text? You do not have to take down notes every now and then.

Here is a tool called, fireflies which is based on AI a platform to record, transcribe, and search every meeting and call. It is a feature rich tool which provides integration with most popular CRM’s and Apps, Calenders.

You can instantly records your meetings across any web conferencing platform and the interface is easy enough to understand. Collaborating with teams by marking specific parts of the call is easy and you can even add comments by hand.

This tool can be used differently for different operating industries like

For Sales:

  1. Automated CRM data entries
  2. Onboarding new representatives
  3. Collecting customer feedback and reviews
  4. Messaging services used for marketing the business.
  5. quality assurance and complaince.

For Recruiting:

  1. HR managers can focus more on listening during the interviews rather than taking notes.
  2. Providing more context to hiring managers.
  3. Documenting and monitoring employee progress overtime

For Internal communication:

  1. To gather more knowledge from the product planning meetings where you discuss about new inventions, pros, cons and future of your prodict/service.
  2. Document important engineering decisions
  3. capturing feedback from customer interviews.
  4. Recording and storing information for compliance purpose.
  5. Reduce the need of old school meetings.

My Reviews

Often when we speak to people, we tend to forget what we spoke about in a day or two. Nott completely but majorly we remember only parts of the conversation. Supposedly if you have to review an hour long call and search across different important highlights, this tool has got an amazing grip on that. You can just CTRL+F in the recorded document and indeed it saves a lot of time. Having said that, below are the subscription plans it offers.

Visit:  for more details.