September 21, 2021 AM

Web Research #19 – Later

Everybody is kind of keen to update their social media channels especially be it a brand or a user because the world is posting content there but often, they find it difficult about what to post when to post and how often to post. To keep your audience engaged, it’s the primary step to keep them updated.

Later is one of the great tools for not only small and large businesses but also for influencers who want a curated feed that they can easily auto-publish. If you need to tag your Instagram photos on a consistent basis, that might be a struggle, but in general, for the minimal cost and features, Later is well worth the cost. Additionally, their technical support takes 24-28 hours to respond to via chat, but it’s within the software so it’s very simple.
Here are a few important reasons why you should use Later for your needs:
  • Later is great at Instagram marketing thought leadership. The newsletters they send out on Instagram which are usually marketing tips and new features are the ones to take advantage of.
  • The ability to manage visual content in one place in Later is blissful. You connect to Drive or Dropbox to bulk upload images and categorize them with tags.
  • Not only this but its ability to store captions so that you can have a repository of captions and just connect them to an image. It’s really easy to tag others in your posts.
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